Parental Feedback from Experiences at EmCell for Stem Cells

I can talk all day about stem cell related immunology and chemistry and I recently did that at the Autism One – Generation Rescue conference in Chicago.  But none of the science helps parents grasp the opportunity fetal stem cells offer as much as real-life experiences of stem cell therapy actually changing lives for children. So here are three moms talking up their kids over the last 2 months. 

“I cannot thank you enough for your consult and recommendation that I take my son to Emcell.  He and I travelled there with our friends. We  have just returned from Kiev yesterday and we had a wonderful experience. Our trip went without a hitch and the doctors, nurses and other staff were amazing.  We look forward to observing results…”  – Mother of 12 year old just treated at EmCell.

“Hey Dr. Bradstreet!  I finally have good news to report!. (finally meaning 1 week after treatment).  My son is doing very well. It’s been a little over a week since he received the stem cells, but we can definitely see some changes happening. He is SLEEPING! 10-12 hours a night! Not waking up at all, it’s a restful sleep, like the covers are still tucked in. He used to sleep 8 or 9 hours and usually woke up a few times. He is calmer and stimming is way down (I’m thinking like 75%less)! It so good to see that he has more control of his body now. He’s talking more, still hard to understand sometimes, but I can tell he’s trying hard! His stutter is now only occasional instead of frequent. Behaviors are way less, he’s more cooperative and less irritable. He’s having good days! We all are! I hope these changes are here to stay and am praying for many more to come! We’ll talk to you soon! I just wanted to share my joy with you!”  – Mother of nearly 7 year old boy treat May 21-22, 2012 at EmCell.

“My daughter is going so great and we are seeing her doing something new every week.  Before her stem cell treatment in April 2012, we had not heard her say a word since before Christmas 2011.  She would average one word every 4-5 months and it was always a word she knew before she regressed (such as cat, dog, ball).  For the past few weeks she is repeating 10-12 words a day and has even picked up new words too!!  She now repeats the new words “Up, help, open” and yesterday used the word “Up” spontaneously to be picked up.  This weekend we also took her to a petting zoo and she said cow when petting a cow.  We are thrilled that her language is developing!!! 

Her other big changes that continue include her sleeping and eating well.  Before her stem cell treatment she would self-limit her food to 5 foods (chicken nuggets, french fries, chips, etc) but since the day of her IV treatment she has continued to eat incredibly well.  Before she would never eat fruit or vegetables without it being hidden in her food, now she brings us lettuce, cucumbers, oranges and other produce so that we’ll put it on a plate for her.  For sleeping, she has continued to now sleep at appropriate times (usually 9-10 pm) where before she would be up until 1-2 am and she no longer wakes during the night crying.

Thank you so much for all of your help with her.  We are finally able to do day outings as a family now that she does not have extreme anxiety issues or self-limiting her diet (that usually led to anxiety if we ran out of her wanted foods).  We have taken her to a zoo one weekend and a petting zoo the next weekend, and she did so great. She is such a happier child already and her teachers and ABA therapist have made many comments about all of her changes.  Using a spoon has been on her therapy plan for two years and she never mastered it (they even took it off of her learning plan because she was not making any progress), a month after her treatment she is using a spoon and mastered it!!  We went from not seeing her picking up any gains for the past 3 years, to watching her make a gain almost every week.  We now have hope again for her and our life as a family is now happier and easier.  We can not wait to see what the rest of the year brings for her!!” – Mother of a 5 year girl.

About Dr Bradstreet
Dr Bradstreet is a graduate of the University of South Florida College of Medicine and received his residency training at Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He is an Adjunct Professor at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona. He is extensively published in the peer-reviewed literature on subjects of autism, oxidative stress, mitochondrial disorders, virology, hyperbaric oxygen, and toxicology (especially heavy metal chelation). He is trained in the the isolation and use of stem cells.

One Response to Parental Feedback from Experiences at EmCell for Stem Cells

  1. Joy says:

    Hi Dr. Bradstreet,

    My son is 22. I am eager to see posts by parents with old kids or young adults. I also want to know if these progresses continue after 6 months. My son had stem cell last year (not EmCell). His progress was very very little. He lost the gains and even regressed after 6 months. How are your patients doing after 6 months?

    Thank you do much for your teaching and sharing.


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