“Hi Daddy” – More Evidence Autism Is NOT a Static Encephalopathy and Can Be Significantly Helped at ANY Age.

We all may have different opinions about what causes the symptoms we label autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The mainstream view of autism is that it is a “static” encephalopathy with its roots in the womb or in genetic causes.  Neither events from the pregnancy, nor even genetic issues are necessarily fixed or static events with no hope of recovery.

ASDs are complex and still incompletely if not poorly understood disorders.  The cellular mechanism responsible for the symptoms of autism are even more mysterious to us.  There is, however, growing hope of recovery at any age.

For years I have observed that even the most substantially effected children have moments where they are profoundly better – perhaps only for mere fleeting periods of time.  This alone implies there is some interference with neuro-processing which is not always present at the same level.  Therefore, it is conceivable that this interfering substance is amenable to biomedical therapy.  Here are further parental observations supporting this notion.

Daniel is now 17 years old and for the past several years his parents and I were frustrated with the relatively poor rate of progress – that is until they initiated GcMAF supplementation for him. 

Dr. Bradstreet,

Last week our son Daniel came home from school and looked directly at me and said “Hi Daddy, I had a good day at school today.”  I smiled and said that is great, but inside I was absolutely floored.  What a great thing to hear from him.  For years we would ask Daniel “how was school today” and his pat response was “it was good”, not a bit more.  This however, was an unsolicited statement and I can’t tell you how fantastic it made me feel.  When I told my wife she was equally excited.  We used to ask him what he did at school and after prompting he would say PE, but now he says we went to the park or we did stretching, little things but so different than before. For years Daniel would only speak in single words or rehearsed phrases, suddenly he is using a few more complete and complex sentences.  Just last week my wife asked Daniel to come here, he responded “just a minute mom, the movie is almost over” very exciting.

For a few weeks we had been getting very encouraging reports from school on Daniel’s progress, it corresponded to when we started him on injections of GcMAF.  His teachers reported that his socialization has improved with his classmates, he actually goofs around with them.  He engages in dialogue with his teachers and his work in general was improved since we started the injections.  We had intentionally only told his main teacher that we were giving him these injections and asked her not to tell the others so as to get an honest assessment from them.  Their responses were unanimous in saying that Daniel has made great strides.  The stories they relate of how he laughs and plays with his classmates is very encouraging for us.  Seeing gradual improvements at home sometimes get lost in the daily rituals, but getting these unbiased reports from his educators has been truly amazing.  Last year at school he had a few behavioral issues, but thus far he has been getting great reports from school and no problems have been reported.

Daniel has been fascinated with books about castles and knights, as well as geography and architecture.  Lately he has been asking us to explain more about what he is seeing and also showing us what interests him in his books.  Thank God for Half Price Book Stores :-)  There are many changes that I am sure we have over looked but the bottom line is our son is suddenly making some important strides forward that have us and his teachers excited for the future.

Among other things we have observed is Daniel’s willingness to try new foods, a problem in the past.  He is more willing to try vegetables now.  Before, if it didn’t pass the texture or smell test, not a chance!  He may not always finish them, but his willingness to try new things is a positive for us and corresponds to the GcMAF injections as well.   I took him to the driving range the other day and he attempted to hit golf balls with me for about 20 minutes or so without complaints.  He let me show him how to hold the club and swing it, and actually hit a few good shots, my hope is to try him on a golf course in the future. 

We are very proud and encouraged about Daniel’s progress and can only attribute it to the GcMAF injections he has been getting.  Thanks Dr. B!

Jim and Carol

I am formulating a revision of my original hypothesis on how GcMAF may work in ASD.  For that we will look more into calcium channels and a big clue from Nature.  More on this soon.

About Dr Bradstreet
Dr Bradstreet is a graduate of the University of South Florida College of Medicine and received his residency training at Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He is an Adjunct Professor at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona. He is extensively published in the peer-reviewed literature on subjects of autism, oxidative stress, mitochondrial disorders, virology, hyperbaric oxygen, and toxicology (especially heavy metal chelation). He is trained in the the isolation and use of stem cells.

2 Responses to “Hi Daddy” – More Evidence Autism Is NOT a Static Encephalopathy and Can Be Significantly Helped at ANY Age.

  1. marilina says:

    hello dr.Bradstreet
    it is very important what you wrote today, that the neuro-processing interference is not constant and that is susceptible to biomedical treatment…..
    what we see here in Italy, collecting reports from us parents is this:
    – many of us have seen an immediate improvement yet from the first injection.
    – someone noticed worsening once over a certain amount of administration
    – someone (myself included) observed a noticeable improvement in the first two days after injection, improvement which then fades a little – to moderate in the following days, until the next injection
    I think that what we see confirms the fact that the GcMAF does something in the brain
    have you noticed too a sort of deterioration once you reaches certain dosages?
    have the parents you see also noted that immediate improvement in the early days and then fades?

  2. Kathy Blanco says:

    I wonder Dr Bradstreet about these recent reports from Science Daily that Rett Syndrome in Mouse models is being cured with bone marrow transplants, if GcMAF is just a smaller version of that? Or just as affective? Your thoughts?

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