An Update on Viral Issue in Autism

I am writing this 8 days away from my trip to the Ministry of Health in Kiev, Ukraine to work with some of the World’s leaders in neuronal (brain) stem cell research – but more on that in a little bit. First of all let me apologize for being so long in posting.  Moving to Georgia and establishing an additional office there has been very taxing on my time.  I still have my office in Florida and California as well so I am doing all I can to bring these concepts to as many families as possible.

We have now evaluated approximately 400 children with autism for the viral marker, nagalase. From my perspective this is one of the most important developments in the clinical treatment of children on the spectrum that I have experienced in the last 15 years. The short story is nearly 80% of the children with autism evaluated have significantly elevated levels of nagalase.

But what does that mean?


Virus attaching to a cell. Image credit: INST. PASTEUR/UNITE VIRUS ONCOGENES/SPL

The enzyme nagalase is produced by cancer cells and viruses.  Since it is clear cancer is not feature of autism, it is most likely viral mediated enzyme activity (although in rare cases children with autism could have an undiagnosed cancer – this is unlikely). Viruses make the nagalase enzyme as part of the their attachment proteins. It serves to get the virus into the cell and also decreases the body’s immune reaction to the virus – thereby increasing the odds of viral survival.

As previously stated on this blog – the target of nagalase is the GcMAF or Vitamin D3 receptor. It is capable of inactivation this cell receptor and reducing both Vitamin D function and immune function.

It is reasonable and likely that the nature of the immune dysfunction and the frequently observed autoimmune problems in autism are mediated by persistent, unresolved viral infections.

I will write more about treatment later, but a combination of optimal dosing on Vitamin D3 and providing the GcMAF purified receptor combined with creating the ideal immune landscape for  the body, seems to be extremely helpful for children with autism and elevated nagalase activity.


Neuronal stem cells are capable of migrating from the blood to the brain where they have the potential to establish repair activities.  While it is not clear how much neuronal stem cells can accomplish in autism – the reports from the first 30 individual treated at the center in Kiev are certainly encouraging.

My concept of the integration of viral clearance using GcMAF followed by neuronal stem cell transplantation is about to be accomplished on the first group of children with autism whom have normalized their nagalase levels with GcMAF.  Again, my overall experience to date has been extraordinarily positive with GcMAF in autism. I posted some of those outcomes in the GcMAF website (see:

I arrive in Kiev in less than 2 weeks where I will work with experienced experts with neuronal stem cells. I will keep you posted on the progress of this project as it proceeds.

About Dr Bradstreet
Dr Bradstreet is a graduate of the University of South Florida College of Medicine and received his residency training at Wilford Hall USAF Medical Center. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He is an Adjunct Professor at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona. He is extensively published in the peer-reviewed literature on subjects of autism, oxidative stress, mitochondrial disorders, virology, hyperbaric oxygen, and toxicology (especially heavy metal chelation). He is trained in the the isolation and use of stem cells.

67 Responses to An Update on Viral Issue in Autism

  1. Dag Schioth says:

    Incredible exciting, looking forward to hear more about this. I also have good experience with Pfeiffers analysis + Reichelts peptid analysis (Phd Walsh research institute) and theories on this field
    MD Schiøth

  2. Dale Pratt says:

    You have changed, and continue to change the lives of so many. My family and I are so thankful for all you do and look forward to reading about the conference in Kiev.

  3. Melissa says:

    very interesting! Thank you for all the time you spend trying to find solutions! sounds really promising! We are planning on doing an autologous bone marrow stem cell transplant in january. I would love to know if my son may be a candidate for GcMAF. Is checking his nagalase a simple blood draw?

    • Bone stem cells are MSC and while they have great healing properties they will almost assuredly not become neuronal stem cells. I think nagalase testing is critical when available and when applicable Vit D and its receptor MAF would also be worth considerations

      • Melissa says:

        That is what I was afraid of. It’s really hard to find factual info on types of stem cells and their properties from unbiased sites. Our goal was to do adipose but we have had trouble putting weight on our skinny hyper 6year old! The option to do BMSC was presented an we jumped at the opportunity. We are looking for hope :) we struggle daily with behavior. Our other more expensive option that I know of would be allogenic umbillical blood SC’s. and I guess our 4th option would be to wait on you :) It’s so hard to be a determined mother :) Is nagalase testing available?

  4. Fran Grippo says:

    I have a 23 year old son with Autism !! I am very interested to do stem cell with him.
    He lives at home with our family . He has severe OCD and aggression.
    Thank you!

    • I think stem cells have a lot of potential and we are actively pursuing the best ways to maximize our outcomes.

      • shamim says:

        I am very new to your site.I am planning to go to kiev to treat my 8yrs old son who is on spectrum.What are the things you suggest to do before taking Emcemm treatment.My son talks but mostly irrelevant, not conversation,repeats a lot.

  5. Lisa says:

    Hi Dr Bradsreet,
    Now that it’s been a while since you’ve been exploring this, is it a case of the higher the nagalase the better the results with GcMAF? Also have you trialed the GcMAF with a patient that has a normal level of nagalase?

    • That would be logical but I think the opposite is what we see. Modest levels of nagalase activity seem to show more rapid response to therapy and the very high levels may be telling us of more serious infection and worse injury.

      • stefano says:

        since i am one of those in the higest ranges…6.7, how can we define non response in autism or general viral infections?

        no decrease of nagalase to normal levels
        no immune system function recovery after nagalase normal
        no viral clearance after nagalase to normal levels
        no symptoms improvment

      • Hi – 6.7 is extremely high – we should talk about this with consultation.

  6. Bonnie Doyle says:

    Please work on Stem Cell research for Pulmonary Fibrosis and Alzheimers. Just retired and I got the fibrosis and my husband has Alzheimers. I’m at my wits endd…Bonnie

  7. Natasa says:

    Thanks for the update Dr Bradsteet, that all sounds very promising. It would be interesting to know whether unaffected siblings and other family members are also testing high in nagalase? Are healthy controls being tested? Also do the levels of nagalase in ASD kids roughly correlate to severity of symptoms?

  8. Star Laz says:

    You rock the free world Dr. B! It is my hope and wish for you to have much success for you and those that work with you. Do you have an idea what/where the source of the virus? What a great find. This is huge!

  9. Jeanne Frey says:

    Hi Dr. Bradstreet,

    My 20-year-old daughter is very sick. She does not have autism, but there are similarities. She has horrible gut issues (diagnosed with gastroparesis). She also lives in constant pain (diagnosed as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), and has sensory issues, most especially severe light sensitivity. We recently took her to a geneticist who believes that all of this stems from Mitochondrial Dysfunction, likely triggered by Lyme Disease; but the genetic tests are still pending. She was also XMRV serology positive in an NIH research study … but as I think you likely know, the research of that is painfully slow.

    Recently she was diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH). This often times involves a virus; and if one is involved, this must be considered in treatment. Since XMRV is a lab contamination to most, that is not even on the table for consideration.

    When I read about the nagalase testing, I was thinking it might at least give us as paraents/patient an better idea if a virus is in fact a factor.

    Could you please provide more information about that testing … where it can be done, how long it takes to get the results, etc.

    I know that you are heading out of the country; but if you have a few minutes to provide this information, we would be so very thankful.

    In closing, often times the only cure for HLH is a stem cell transplant.

    Thanks for any direction you can provide.

  10. Kim says:

    Hello – Are neuronal stem cells obtained from adipose? We are considering an adipose stem cell infusion. I would be most interested in learning what supplements are needed to address potential GcMAF issues for severe autistic kids! Please let us know how to go about testing GcMAF levels. Thanks so much!

    • At this time you could make a neuronal stem cell from any stem cell with lab manipulation. However the FDA in this country does not allow that. We do not test GcMAF levels we test nagalase levels and we do that with a lab in Holland.

  11. Cindy Schoenfelder says:

    We recently found that our 8yr old son has a Vit D of 7.7 Since then we have been supplementing him and feel that he has shown mild improvements of his ASD. After reading this blog I am determined to get his Nagalase levels tested. We have saved his cord blood and I was wondering if it might have any more potential for treatments (over bone marrow stem cells).

    • Wow that is a record for me – very low. Autologous cord blood – which no one can get access to unless in FDA approved research – would be great. Mixed non self donated cord blood of little long term value.

      • Jane Morris says:

        I think last week FDA approved cord blood research through CBR if it is patients own cord blood.

  12. marilina says:

    from what I understand (but maybe I did not understand anything) the GcMAF stimulates the immune system
    in a hyperactive immune system, (our case: autoimmunity) then it is not appropriate the use of GcMAF?

    • In nearly all cases I suspect autoimmunity is part of autism and the results from around the World have been strongly positive with GcMAF and ASD cases. I am however concerned about special autoimmune cases like MS. We should consider a summit in Italy to review the research and teach on the subject – perhaps in late Spring.

  13. fromitaly says:

    Would you please tell me what virus/viruses cause nagalase?

  14. S Davis says:

    Have you used Hyperbaric therapy in conjunction with your before and after results? Also, have you read the about the research at the university of Pennsylvania school of medicine. “stem cell mobilization study”. I wonder if your research and their research is a basis for why we see such good results with HBOT.

  15. Linda says:

    I had banked my son’s cord blood. When will nagalase testing become available and will his cord be acceptable to use?

  16. Vullo says:

    Hi Dr. Bradstreet,
    i would like to know if the stem cell that are currently used in kiev to treat autistic children are from fetal tissue.

    Thank you

  17. stefano says:

    i am hbv infected from birth, cancer should not be the source of nagalase even though liver is at cirrhosis stage with 1mm regenerative nodules but all normal functions
    antiviral/antioxidants reduced all fibrosis to 6kpa on fibroscan in 1.5years and viral replication is undetactble in serum

    nagalase has decreased to 3.3 at 10 weeks gcmaf it and i am now at 24 weeks.the effects of nagalase at 6.7 were severe immune suppression and continuous candida and flu candida is extremely rare, hiv is negative

    i just wrote the details because i see you are very busy and wanted to be sure my case needs consultation.
    i also know 6.7 is among the highest registered on viral infections, so if there is research intrest i am more than pleased to help or submit data

    Dr Bradstreet says:
    October 15, 2011 at 2:39 pm
    Hi – 6.7 is extremely high – we should talk about this with consultation.

    stefano says:
    October 13, 2011 at 10:07 am
    since i am one of those in the higest ranges…6.7, how can we define non response in autism or general viral infections?

  18. Pam says:

    Dr Bradstreet, just wondering if IVIG would have an impact on Nagalase levels? What would be the optimal time to test for Nagalase if doing IVIG? thanks, Pam

    • It is an excellent question. IVIG does not do a whole lot to reduce viral burden in chronic viremia stats like HIV or Hepatitis. It is also unknown but unlikely that IVIG contains any significant nagalase activity. To be safe I would not draw blood tests shortly after IVIG.

  19. Hi Dr. Bradstreet –

    Could you elaborate on neopterin testing? Are you doing this with Metametrix or with the lab in Paris?

    From what I have seen on the web, neopterin is elevated in: Infections, Autoimmune diseases: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus, and Atopic Asthma, Malignant diseases, Psychiatric disorders, Sleep-disordered breathing, and Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

    You have mentioned that when neopterin is normal, this may still be a sign of a suppressed immune system that is unable to respond to infection. Thus, in people with certain conditions or infections, what would a “normal” neopterin test look like? Is there one?

    It seems that a normal result may be a potential issue and an elevated result may be an issue potentially as well, correct? With GcMAF therapy, would you almost always see an initial elevation in neopterin with treatment? Then, once the microbial issues are resolved, you might then have a true “normal normal”. Is that a reasonable understanding?

    Thanks much!

    • Hi, Neopterin is a useful but nonspecific biomarker of macrophage activation. Paradoxically it is always high when nagalase is high in both HIV and cancer patients. This would seem to indicate the immune system is getting the signal to turn on and yet macrophages cannot complete their mission. Therefore I am guessing the nagalase is most potent in immediate proximity to the virally infected or cancer cell. It also seems likely that the nagalase somehow interferes with the final stages of immune targeting of the macrophage in (as yet) unexplained ways. I will have to wait to write more until after I return from Ukraine.

  20. D.Bender says:

    This is amazing news! My 6 year old daughter has not biomedically responded to much at all. She has unexplained autoimmune antibodies, after ruling out all the biggies, we felt like behavior therapy was the best we could do. We are going to move ahead with the nagalase testing and see if she is a candidate. I went to the GcMAF website for further info. My only questions are: 1. are the children in the study receiving the same amount of GcMAF as the adults? 2. How long is the average treatment for autism? If we decide to raise the money and move ahead with the treatment, I would be happy to share our expereince.

    • I hope you understand I cannot use the blog to answer specific patient issues. The patients using GcMAF around the World that I am aware of use varying doses based on the total clinical condition they are presented with. Time varies as well as it appears some children respond quickly while others need a slower course. I will be working more closely with a group in Italy and the Ukraine to further define these responses.

  21. Kim says:

    For severely autistic children, would there be a lot of “herxing/die-off” when the immune system starts to wake up? A lot of these children have ongoing issues with yeast, bacteria, virus etc… If the immune system was suddenly able to properly attack those invaders, what might happen?

  22. Myra says:

    Hi dr Bradstreet,
    Is it possible to use gcmaf when vit d level is very low but 1,25 OH D level very high?

    What Will be the effect of using gcmaf on very high 1,25 oh d levels? And please van You explain this?thanks sp much!

  23. rrrr says:

    With 11 weekly doses of a small amount of gcmaf, my nagalase level dropped in half (from 1.90 to 0.80). At first it made me very sick (I had to take 2 breaks of 3 wks each), but then when that passed, I started to be able to go on daily walks around the neighborhood again, after 3 years of not being able to. I am now continuing the gcmaf (even smaller doses than earlier) and starting a gut protocol of antibiotics/probiotics. The abx/probiotics are making me sicker (hopefully temporarily), but I’m hopeful for the future.

    One must try gcamf to know the dose that is good for you, but I recommend very very very low doses, much lower than is discussed online.

    I am a patient with ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) for over 2 decades. Spent much of it homebound and bedridden.

    • Interesting and the material i see my patients use from is very potent. What is your source of Gc.

      • rrrr says:

        sorry for the delay in replying. i can not share my source online, i’m sorry. a private doctor is making it in their own lab.

        what i hear, though, is that the sources is 4 times more potent than my source. i would start very very low and slow if i were anyone about to try gcmaf for the first time.

  24. Kirsten says:

    Dr Jeff,

    Well now! Funny how life sometimes ironically brings you back full circle.

    Imagine my surprise when Dietrich tells us on Friday 10/22, that the man behind the GcMaf is Bradsteet and we should put Kai on it now. We then happened to mention you were the first we saw when Kai was diagnosed. Great think tank- you and Dietrich!!

    I just got off the phone with David Noakes who echoed the same sentiments. We will be starting Kai on the vials next week.

    So thank you! Thank you for fighting the good fight!

    All the best,
    Kirsten & Larry Brownstein
    PS. Are you still munching on those peanut M&Ms?

  25. Dr.Sirajum Munir says:

    Hi Dr.Bradstreet this is nice to ve you paricularly in this helpless situation. This is Dr.Munir from Bangladesh. My 3 and half year daughter is Autistic and now she is on Behavioral therapy with occupational therapy on a semi specialized school. she is on Nystatin for yeast, omega 3 regularly. She is improving slowly, speech improved slightly but socialization is depressing. would you please advice me what to do next?

    • I cannot use the blog to provide specific information for patients but I would be happy to consult with you. You may schedule that via the main office. 321-259-7111 Thank you

  26. marilina says:

    we tested my daughterfor IgG subclasses and she is low with IgG1, those that should be more numerous in our body(70% of the whole IgG)
    the only thing I found is that those who are deficient in this subclass can not fight viruses and bacteria and in particular have CNS-problems with toxins such as tetanus and difeterite. This would explain the adverse reaction to the DTP vaccine at 10 months(???), and last year the stroke-like episode after the tetanus-shot ?
    have you heard in other autism-cases a deficiency in this subclass?
    thank you

  27. Pingback: Dr. Bradstreet, Nagalase, and the Viral Issue in Autism

  28. jdm says:

    Hi Dr. Bradstreet,

    I just had nagalese test from vitamin diagnostic on my 5.5 yo autistic son. His level is 1.7.
    At the same time we did IgG test and Folate Receptor (Dr.Quadros).

    His result is as follow:

    IgE is 983

    Blocking antibody: negative (from Dr. Quadros)
    Binding antibody : negative (From Dr. Quadros)

    I am trying to get familiar with your practice (stemcells, nutritional, etc) but I am just a mom trying to help my son.

    I am interested in the GCMAF injection due to his nagalese level, is this possible? I am in california, is there any place close to northern california for injections? Cost is always an issue for me as a single mom. Please give me input.

    Thank you!

    • Cost is an issue for everyone who has a child with autism, and your child appears to have allergies and falls into the average (elevated) autism range of nagalase. I work in Southern California once a quarter. Perhaps you can arrange a consult at that time.

  29. jdm says:

    Thank you Dr. Bradstreet,

    Can you let me know how many injections he would need and if that can be done in southern california?

    If so, does the injection need to be done once a week to get optimal result? what if I can only come once or twice a month?

    He’s done HBOT (hard chamber, 1.5 ATA) in the past….do i need to do HBOT while doing GCMAF injections to get better result??

    I should make a phone call to your office?

    Is there any blood works need to be done prior to our consult?

    Thank you!!

  30. rrrr says:

    do you have experience with, or are you interested in, the oral gcmaf yogurt called MAF314 or MAF878? i have a number of friends now trying it (for ME/CFS — chronic fatigue syndrome). waiting to hear their results.

  31. Just want to say your article is as amazing. The clarity on your submit is simply nice and that i can think you’re knowledgeable on this subject. Fine together with your permission allow me to grasp your feed to stay up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks 1,000,000 and please keep up the enjoyable work.

  32. Kim says:

    Hi –
    I was wondering if you could comment on a recent post from one of the parent forums re GcMAF and BH4 levels.
    A certain doctor has said that if you are going to use GcMAF you should be supplementing with BH4 as the increased macrophage activity can really throw off BH4 levels that are already imbalanced in our autistic kids.
    Is this important/correct? Do you recommend supplementing with BH4 (or anything other than vit D) while using GcMAF, and if so, how much?

    • Not GcMAf is the same so I don’t know what form he is referring to. I don’t see this issue in ASD. BH4 is abnormal decause of chronic immune dysfunction and oxidative stress.

  33. Kristin says:

    Have any of your autistic patients also have PANDAS? My son 7 year old has autism but was also diagnosed with PANDAS last year as well. Looking back at our 4 years of bio med any viral or bacterial exposure we have seen, if you will, two steps back. After reading about elevated nagaleese levels I’ve convienced my son’s DAN to order the test. If some of your patients have had both diagnosis have you also seen positive success rates in these children as well?

  34. Loraine Fishel says:

    Hi I am Loraine, My son Kevin meets some pandas criteria although he also has alot of other Autism health concerns. My best advise (I am just an RN) is to go ahead with consultation with Dr B. Don’t waste another day guessing about the best approach to this devastating life crushing disorder. You can’t possibly make good even very educated guesses as to what is happening to your child. When you have a 10/10 problem you better get some A1 help. I don’t know how he does all he does but get him to help you if you can. I worry about how many lives are simply slipping away as read all of this. Without this important doctor I don’t even want to immagine what my life would be like. Take out another mortguage if that is what it takes. At the end of the day you will not care where you live. I kissed my house goodbye long ago. I currently have a much cheaper one. I would sell it too if my child could experience some of the things I have had some time to know. I work all the time in rotating shifts. At least I don’t cry as I make the long drive home after work anymore. Great medical care isn’t expensive it is priceless.

  35. chriso prodromou says:

    Hi i am Chris,
    i have a 14 year old autistic son , difficult time right now, pain rages from what seems to be from the head, ear area, so bad so we broke a glass window underwent surgery but woke in ahuge rage and broke open all stiches, afraid for his safety . Our medical doctors here love to sedate our kids, maybe put in a home, but i am lucky to read whats going on outside of this Island… My other children have grown up and Stephanos is our youngest…. we need to find out what the root problems are and not mask them…. actually when this pain rage starts and he hits, smacks bangs his head , it actually looks as though NO sedative can help… Frightening…. the poor child is suffering i am useless to help…. Any info would be appreciated please.

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